Sunday, July 21, 2024

Cashmere church hosts Braver Angels workshop to bridge political divide


CASHMERE—In an effort to bridge the growing political divide, Dr. June Darling, in collaboration with the organization Braver Angels, will facilitate a workshop designed for faith-based groups at Cashmere Community Church on June 23. The event, which will take place during the regular Sunday service at 11:00 a.m., aims to provide tools and strategies for fostering understanding and connection among individuals with differing political views.

Braver Angels, a national organization dedicated to depolarizing America, has created a series of workshops specifically tailored for religious communities. The upcoming event at Cashmere Community Church marks the first in a potential series of workshops, depending on its success and reception.

Dr. Darling, who will lead the interactive workshop, believes in the importance of creating community and loving one's neighbor, regardless of political affiliations. "We know it can be done," she stated, citing the church's successful weekly community meals, which bring together people from various denominations, political backgrounds, and walks of life.

The Cashmere Community Church, known for its inclusive message of love and acceptance, is supported by various community-building groups such as Kindness Counts, Only 7 Seconds, Braver Angels, and local service clubs like Kiwanis and Rotary.

The event organizers hope to inspire hope and provide attendees with the tools necessary to bridge the political divide within their communities.


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