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Worshipping at the temple of Mother Gaia
Governor Jay Inslee has become another of the followers of the religion of environmentalism. At last year's annual Climate Solutions breakfast Inslee said, "Sometimes you can't convince people, you just have to defeat them." Clearly, when the governor speaks on climate change his mind is made up. Like a religious zealot he is willing to employ any and all means in his campaign to save the planet from the abuses of modern man.

There is nothing more dangerous than a close minded politician. Inslee has apparently been radicalized by the leftist environmental movement who see nothing good about the impact of human life on the planet on which we live.

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Letters to the Editor
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Just bluffing?
Today I signed my name as "Jeb Bush" and my signature was accepted by the computer keypad at the retail establishment where I was making a purchase. It was an insignificant purchase for a petty amount, but the point is this, the computer "safeguard" requiring a signature was meaningless. In the past I have signed "my" name as Micky Mantle, Sofia Loren, Muhammad Ali and a dozen other names just for the fun of it. The signature keypad is almost always facing away from the cashier so even if you just signed Malcolm X they wouldn't know nor would they care. The keypad is apparently just used as a decoy so that the consumer thinks the computer somehow magically recognizes the signature that should go with the credit card being used.

My friends, this is a bluff. Call the bluff and the world is your oyster. How many other modern devices are just bluffing? Cameras are everywhere, but how many are operational? It is a fact many retailers have cameras and cutesy signs that say "smile you are being videotaped", but how many of these cameras are functioning? I once bought a "beware of dog" sign and put it in the front living-room window of my house just to scare potential burglars. It had a picture of a German shepherd on it. A friend of mine, who was deathly afraid of dogs, knocked on the door once and hesitated to come in until I assured him the sign was just a hoax. He laughed, but still was wary upon entering.

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Letters to the Editor
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Examining the history of religious warfare
Some of my progressive thinking friends have taken me to task recently for my columns on Muslims. One even suggested I Google, "Have Christians ever engaged in wars of religious conquest." So I did. I suggest he might want to do the same.

The first Google reference is from Wikipedia and describes religious war this way; "A religious war or holy war is a war primarily caused or justified by differences in religion." But reading on, one will find that only 123 of the 1763 wars documented throughout history were motivated by religion. Historians cited by Wikipedia put truly religiously motivated war at 6 percent to 7 percent of histories total conflicts. So much for those who would blame religion as the basis for all war.

The references that follow Wikipedia do a fairly good job of balancing the history of religious conflict including the Crusades. What should be clear to those who take the time to read the articles is that the reasons for human conflict are complex and not easily classified.

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Russell Wilson, Rick Perry, and unemployment
The unemployment rate has dropped from 10 percent all the way down to 5.7 percent with Obama as President. On the surface, that paints a pretty rosy picture for the Communist policies of our Supreme Leader. So, conservatives routinely attack the unemployment rate with a variety of creative tactics. The latest is Rick Perry, who believes the unemployment rate is a "sham" because it "leaves millions of American workers uncounted." He's right that it leaves millions of workers uncounted, but he's wrong that it's a sham.

Let's talk a little football: Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson passed for only 3,475 yards last year, which put him 15th out of 32 NFL teams. As Richard Sherman would say: That's "mediocre, at best." According to Rick Perry's logic, that means Wilson is an average quarterback, and everyone who says otherwise is lying, and complicit in a massive scam meant to tear apart the very fabric of what makes America great.

But what if passing yards only tell part of the story? If you really want to judge how good he is, you might want to consider that he was the number 1 rushing quarterback in the league, or that he didn't lose a fumble all year, or that he threw only seven interceptions, or that his team has been to the Super Bowl two out of the three years he's been in the league.

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Taxation Vexation

"A democracy ... can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising [the voter] the most [unearned] money from the public treasury."

- Alexander Tyler 1750

Let's hope Alex was wrong - we are technically a republic, not a democracy - but comforting evidence with which to refute Alex is hard to come by these days, especially since US makers got outvoted by US takers in 2012. The 'free stuff' party 'triumphed' again. 

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Meanwhile at the most transparent administration in history
Oh, those pesky emails. Seems the Democrats are ready to throw Hillary under the bus - again.

Remember back when that virtually unknown smooth talking Senator from Illinois showed up, Hillary was suddenly no longer the next President. It nearly tore the party apart. Makes you wonder what the party leaders knew and when they knew it. Well, it's becoming clear she's still not going to be the next President unless she changes her party affiliation.

Out of the blue comes the story from that bastion of conservative news coverage, the New York Times, criticizing Ms. Clinton for her exclusive use of a private email service in order to apparently shield her correspondence from disclosure to the media.

Following the Bengazi attack Congressional Investigators requested a wide range of documents from the State Department. The State Department turned over thousands of documents - but apparently not all. It seems a sharp reporter named Nitasha Tiku from had filed a request for Hillary Rodham's private email accounts knowing that Clinton had used her private email service to correspond about State Department Business. So just last month the committee conducting the investigation received another 300 emails related to the attacks. Prompting many to question is that all there is?

Transparency is a funny thing. Once you try to hide something, people begin to question what else is hidden behind your veil of secrecy.

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Legislative update
Sometimes legislators struggle with the intricacies of what a bill would do, the consequences of the bill, and whether the pros outweigh the cons. Not every bill and every vote is a clear-cut "yes" or "no" for any legislator. I've recently come across such a bill.

House Bill 1938, the Washington Tourism Marketing Act, would impose fees on tourism-related businesses like restaurants, hotels and retail businesses in order to fund tourism marketing for Washington state. With just this description, one might oppose increased costs on our small businesses. However, there is more to this story.

Washington is the only state in the country without a statewide tourism office - it was closed by the Legislature in 2011 due to budget cuts. Washington's tourism budget in 2013-14 was $1.1 million (allocated to the Washington Tourism Alliance, a coalition of businesses in the tourism industry). Meanwhile, Oregon's budget was $13.7 million and Idaho's budget was $8 million for tourism in the same years.

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More Talk About Pine Street
On February 18, the City held an Open House public meeting at the Festhalle to open a dialogue with our townspeople about the rebuilding of Pine Street. About 80 concerned area residents came to look over the recent survey of the area completed by Chelan County, and to share their ideas about the project. The entire City Council, administrator and our engineer were all there to soak up the discussion and answer questions. Some important concerns were raised and a few new ideas were suggested too.
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Politics is a bloody game
Last week the Conservative Political Action Committee, CPAC, held their annual straw poll of most popular conservative candidates to run for President in the next election. Historically, this has become the kiss of death to conservative candidates as none of those who have won the straw poll has ever made it to through the process and become the Republican parties nominee.
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