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DC continues to fiddle while America burns
The Supreme Court in a rare unanimous decision last week said President Obama exceeded his Constitutional authority. According to a number of his critics the decision marks the thirteenth time the court has ruled Obama has exceeded his authority. But who's counting?

What prompted this latest decision was an executive order that Obama had made a "recess" appointment while the Senate was well - not recessed! Seems even his Harryness didn't agree with the President's choice on this one!

House Speaker John Boehner decided to sue Obama for executive overreach. Really? By the time the case gets to court Obama will be collecting his executive pension and working on his Presidential library.

For his part Emperor Obama accused Boehner of suing him for doing his job and blamed Republican obstruction for preventing him from helping the middle class. In other words, those citizens who voted for Republican candidates, and tea party supporters in particular, are just irrelevant subjects of the Obama realm.

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Four tips for giving your pet a safe and happy July Fourth Hint: Pets and fireworks don't mix
Independence Day is all about celebration: picnics, parties, parades and, of course, fireworks. While lots of people enjoy this noisy summer holiday, it can be overwhelming for your pets, and possibly hazardous. Pets can become disoriented and frightened by the noise and commotion associated with parades and fireworks displays. In fact, so many pets are frightened and try to escape the sights and sounds of the Fourth of July that animal shelters around the nation report a dramatic increase in lost pets during the holiday.
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Letters to the Editor
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Is Governor Inslee right about impact of coal exports?
Would you consider a change of 0.083 percent "unparalleled" and "significant"? Apparently, Governor Jay Inslee does.

Two weeks ago, Governor Inslee visited the Vancouver Columbian editorial board and defended his proposal to require an unprecedented level of analysis regarding proposed export terminals. His process, known as "expanded SEPA," has never been done before and would attempt to analyze the environmental impact not only of the terminal but of all the products being exported.

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Long live the death penalty!
Long live the death penalty. In fact, it's woefully underutilized. Let's expand it.

So many are the richly deserving candidates for a comprehensive death penalty that I'll not try to rank them but just name a few.

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Taxpayers should be able to monitor public-employee contract negotiations.
Imagine that the governor is holding a series of secret closed-door negotiations with a company that could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer expenses. Now imagine that the same company secretly meeting with the governor is also a campaign contributor. Also imagine that the Legislature is barred from changing the details of an agreement negotiated in secret with the governor and can only vote up or down on funding the final proposal.

Sounds outrageous?

You bet! Yet that is exactly what happens each time state and local officials in Washington negotiate pay and benefits with public-employee unions.

It doesn't have to be this way.

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The New Colossus
The poem written by Emma Lazarus relating to this week's article by Bill Forhan.
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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
Last week I was prompted by an E-mail from a regular reader to address the issue of immigration. It's an important but quarrelsome topic that has gained new prominence recently with the flood of unaccompanied children coming across our southern border.

Our country was built not primarily by the wealthy but by the poor and disenfranchised. They risked everything to come to a new country, often half way around the globe, in order to build a new life. In their time, there was no turning back. And their stories are ones that have inspired generations of new Americans to remarkable achievements.

The American story has also inspired a world, a world hungry for the hope of freedom and opportunity.

As lifelong Americans we often are blind to the to the suffering and repression that still exists in most of the world. And in our too comfortable and sheltered corner of the world we forget that people with little hope will risk everything to have even a small piece of the magic that is America.

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Gather together
I'm passing along a message from an anonymous source to all those people who have looked and hoped to find the perfect church. Number one; it doesn't exist. Number two; if it did exist, and you found it, and you joined it, it would no longer be perfect. Churches are simply a believers fellowship. A place where redeemed sinners go to console each other, support each other, and to worship God together in unity.

Recently, while attending a church service, I found myself across the room from a man with whom I had had words - harsh words. Here was some right and some wrong on both sides. Blame would be pointless. What was wrong that day is that there were two men in the Lord's house who couldn't console, support, or worship because of the hardness of their hearts. I was burdened and nothing could ease my heart but to ask this man's forgiveness. We had reconciling words which I hope prepared our hearts to be in God's house. The church is a place for healing.

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In Seattle, 15Now! becomes 15Later!
Mayor Ed Murray has announced his plan to impose a $15 minimum wage on Seattle's economy. The proposal appears to have near unanimous support from the mayors' Income Inequality Advisory Committee and will likely be fast tracked by the Seattle City Council. 

Under Murray's plan the radical left-wing call for 15Now! becomes 15Later! In some cases, the law would protect citizens from the $15 minimum wage mandate for up to seven years. Large businesses, defined as those with 500 or more employees (nationally), who do not offer health care benefits would have to pay all workers $15 per hour by 2017. Large employers who do offer health care benefits would have until 2018 to pay the full $15 wage.

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Hats off to all the fathers who are men

This isn't going to be one of those sentimental Father's Day articles, even though that is what I would prefer. This article will have a bit of an edge to it. Please excuse my bluntness, but fatherhood is serious business, and for me to sugarcoat or evade the truth about it would benefit nobody.

Here goes: What does my peculiar title mean? Aren't all fathers men? No, they are not. All fathers are male, but not all fathers are men. Maleness is a biological identity, a physical reality, a matter of hormones and organs. Manliness, on the other hand, is a matter of character, an intangible quality, a demonstrated achievement of maturity that not all adult males attain.

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How to get and keep women's attention and support
There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of the women's vote for the 2014 elections. Democrats and Republicans alike are courting women voters -- Republicans are working as hard as they can to shed their anti-woman image stemming from the 2012 election cycle, while Democrats are working equally hard to shine as the party that fully supports women's equality. 

President Obama is in full courtship mode, speaking out on issues like the gender wage gap, workplace discrimination and sexual assault on college campuses. As well, perhaps, he should: he arguably owes his 2008 and 2012 wins to women voters, and neglecting them may have cost Democrats the House in 2010. Numerous polls show overwhelming support for the Treaty especially among young women and men.

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Letters to the Editor
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Squawk On: U.S. Circuit Court green-lights discrimination case against the IRS
Can the Internal Revenue Service silence a president's political adversaries by using secret policies? It seems that we're about to find out. The 17th century French politician and finance minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, once quipped that, "The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the least possible amount of squawking." Apparently, the goose does squawk.

Almost unnoticed, a small educational nonprofit called Z Street, located in eastern Pennsylvania, won a major victory for freedom of expression last month. Understanding this decision requires a review of the background that led to the ruling.

Z Street is a proud promoter of Zionism and stands in opposition to the larger and more vocal J Street, which is a tax-exempt nonprofit that represents the left-leaning wing of the American Jewish community. According to court filings, Z Street discovered in late 2009 that its application for tax-exempt status was delayed and under consideration by a special "Israel Task Force." Apparently, this task force was reviewing Z Street's activities, rhetoric, and governance. The IRS asked specific questions about Z Street's political beliefs and educational content including, "Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel?" Z Street understood immediately that its religious and political commitment to Israel's existence as a nation had crossed swords with White House policy.

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The surest bet ever
Since the Financial Crisis, the Fed has blown trillions of dollars performing financial cartwheels in an effort to promote low interest rates. Those contortions include lowering the Fed Funds Rate to zero, three different variations of QE programs (Quantitative Easing), and even something called "Operation Twist." You can certainly question the benefit those trillions of dollars have delivered (like I have dozens of times), but there's no doubt interest rates have been incredibly low. Those low rates led to a never-ending worry for the markets about the inevitable day when the Fed would back away from its stimulus - and rates would rise.

That day came last December, when the Fed announced the gradual slowdown of QE. The result was the surest bet in the history of the world: Interest rates shot up like a rocket! The only problem is - that didn't happen. Rather than rise, the 10-year Treasury yield has fallen nearly 15 percent since the day of the Fed announcement. If there was ever a textbook example that predicting the markets and economy is difficult, this is it.

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Desperation endangering our way of life
With his rhetoric no longer working and his administration besieged by scandal President Obama's decisions are becoming increasingly erratic but this most recent one is just plain dangerous.

It seems that with each new crisis the rationale for the decisions becomes less clear.

With the prisoner swap Obama first justified his decision on the principle that "we don't leave American soldiers behind."

Fair enough, but the war is not over. Our troops are still actively engaged so nobody has been "left behind" yet.

Then when criticized for failing to notify Congress before the swap was completed, Obama said, "We had a prisoner of war whose health had deteriorated and we were deeply concerned about. And we saw an opportunity and we seized it. And I make no apologies for that."

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