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School District continues work on Pine Street property in hopes of building a school there
Work continues on the Cascade School

District Pine Street property to prepare the

site for an eventual elementary school. Up to

this point, much of the work has taken place

to shore up and divert the numerous ditches

on the site, which has kept the property so

wet, it started to become a wetland.

Cascade School District Construction Liaison

John Henri said, after their work, the

site appears to be drying out.

"We started ditch maintenance and vegetation

removal on May 15. We repaired a

breach. There's alternate ditches that go

throughout the whole property," Henri said,

at the June 8 Cascade School board meeting.

"The volume of water going down that ditch.

Now we have a lot more water going down

the ditch instead of out in the field. We've

done, just what the Corps said, we put sandbags

across the breach, channeled the water

back into the original drainage ditch."

The Army Corps of Engineers and Washington

Department of Ecology did site visits

in April. Another issue, Henri said, is the

very tall grass at the site, which will become

a fire hazard when it dries out.

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Quick work contains Derby Canyon Fire
The fire sparked in Derby Canyon was

only a half-acre at the outset. But as we all

know, those small fires can expand rapidly to

100's and 1,000's of acres, particularly given

the dry and windy conditions.

But quick work by fire crews contained

the blaze before it go out of hand.

Fire staff from the Wenatchee River Ranger

District responded at 3 p.m. on June 10 to

a half-acre fire in the Derby Canyon area,

near Peshastin. Referred to as the Canyon

Fire, it was located on national forest land,

burning actively in grass, brush and heavy

timber, according to a new release from

Susan Peterson, USFS.

Resources assigned to the fire included

two engines and firefighters from the

WRRD, a water tender supported by Chelan

County Fire District 6 and a helicopter dropping

water. To make matters worse, a red

flag warning was in effect with abnormally

high temperatures expected.

Although the high winds were present in

the lower Wenatchee Valley, the wind was

not an issue in the vicinity of the fire.

"The fire season is off to an early start this

year and campfire restrictions are already

being put into place in the lower elevations

because of the hot and dry conditions. Please

be mindful of any activity that may produce

a spark or flame," Peterson said.

By the next day, the fire was contained,

thanks to the quick response and good cooperative

efforts. The WRRD fire crew and

resources from Chelan County Fire District

3 and 6 lined the fire and were continuing to

mop up and patrol, as the red flag warning


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Council considers parking lot improvements
Improvements are planned for the

city's paid parking lots in town. In particular,

those that used to be part of the

old warehouse, now called P1 for the

upper lot and P2 for the lower lot. The

Leavenworth City Council discussed

various improvements to the parking

lots with Engineer Aaron Schmidt of IntegriTech

at the June 9 study session.

City Administrator Joel Walinski said

when the city purchased the property,

the main objective was to get the parking

lots up and running.

"Two of the items on the list that we

wanted to address over time, four or

five years down the road, one was the

public safety, which is adding lights and

walkways and second one was some

of the aesthetic pieces, removing or

replacing the fence lines. All kinds of

issues involved," Walinski said. "If you

remove that fence, you still have to have

a certain level of protection for a vehicle

coming across the road."

In terms of the parking lots, Schmidt

said there are city needs and festival

needs. The fence surrounding the

property now would be replaced with

railing on three sides, to prevent anyone

from falling.

It was decided to go with 42-inch high

railing. To protect any cars coming off

U.S. Highway 2, Schmidt said they would

place boulders, which would also add to

the aesthetic appeal.

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Downtown Steering Committee has plans for the triangle
It has been part of the city's

Downtown Master Plan for

years, but nothing has been

acted upon. There have been

plans to develop the triangle

area downtown, which is the

open area located near the

Munchen Haus.

The Downtown Steering

Committee has been talking

about a best use for the area.

A few designs have been developed.

The biggest issue is

the loss of parking spaces.

"We actually whipped out

anywhere from 10 to 11 spots.

We've met with the DSC,

property owners, the chamber.

I think the decision by

the DSC was to redo the

shape, quarter round, oblong

shape, so we can maintain as

much space as possible, but

at the same time, limit the

loss parking spaces from six

to seven," said Joel Walinski,

Leavenworth City administrator,

at the June 9 study


The DSC looked at shortening

the triangle space, and

having horizontal parking

up top, but Walinski said the

committee felt that would be

so limiting, the entire project

would not be worthwhile.

Some initial drawings of

the space were refined by

architect Todd Smith. The

curvature from the top to the

bottom is an eight foot drop.

"That curvature does a

number of things. It passes

the ADA walkable guidelines.

That is a plus. The other

things discussed, moreso

with the property owners,

they wanted to make sure,

whatever the improvements,

there is a lot of motion that

would go across," Walinski


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Seriously injured climber rescued above Colchuck Lake
A severely injured climber was rescued last Sunday

evening in the mountains near Leavenworth. According to a news release, the Chelan County Sheriff's Office

received a report of an injured climber above Colchuck

Creek. The State Emergency Management Division

received a SPOT locator beacon around 9 p.m. A text

message from the beacon advised other hikers had come

across a male climber who had fallen, suffering head and

leg injuries.

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AVID program coming to Cascade High School next year
On the urging of Cascade

High School teacher Malia

Renner-Singer, next year

the high school will offer the

AVID program, which stands

for Advancement Via Individual


AVID trains educators to

use proven practices in order

to prepare students for success

in high school, college,

and a career, especially students traditionally

underrepresented in higher


When he first arrived at Cascade,

Superintendent Bill Motsenbocker felt

the district needed to come up with a

way to better meet the needs of their

students of poverty. AVID does not deal

with just students of poverty, he said.

Renner-Singer said while AVID is a new

program to Cascade High School, it is

not a new program. It has been around

30 years. Wenatchee School District has

had the program for a number of years.

Cashmere and Eastmont are starting


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Climbers rescued in mountains near Leavenworth
Two climbers were rescued in the mountains near Leavenworth over the weekend. One climber, in the Enchantments, suffered a diabetic episode, while another climber was severely injured in a fall while rock climbing about four miles up the Icicle.

According to a Chelan County Sheriff's Office news release, Chelan County Search and Rescue responded to a call Sunday morning at 9:22 a.m. A person told search and rescue coordinators that a 45-year old man had suffered a diabetic episode and was not feeling well on the mountain, the Serpentine Area route to Dragontail Peak in the Enchantments.

The man was unable to descend the mountain, so the climbing partner hiked out a distance to obtain cell service to make a call to 911.

"Rescue coordinators contacted Chelan County Mountain Rescue personnel to assist while also launching a Sheriff's Office helicopter to attempt to locate the subject on the mountain," said Sergeant Kent Sisson, via news release. "After locating the patient at the 7,700 foot level, it was determined the most practical rescue would be the use of a hoist capable helicopter. Snohomish County's 'SnoHawk Ten' crew was contacted and responded to conduct the hoist extrication."

Michail Meronek, 45, of Portland, Oregon was flown to the mission staging area at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery at 2:46 p.m. He was examined by medics and determined to be in stable condition.

While dealing with the incident on Dragontail, rescue coordinators learned of a female climber who had been injured in a fall while rock climbing, about four miles up Icicle Road, at the "Careno Crag" area of the Icicle drainage.

Manisha Powar, 36, of Seattle, Washington had apparently suffered a broken leg and possibly broken ribs.

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