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Would you like to place an ad to sell something and only pay if it sells? Well, now you can!

The Leavenworth Echo is launching a new service in conjunction with Internet partner - Curious Market Places. Our program is called "Echo Country Shop Local Marketplace."

Echo Country Shop Local Marketplace is an online E-commerce site where you can buy and sell items from local merchants or private parties. Everything from bicycles to beans, apples to zucchinis can be sold using the site. It's not good for services, help wanted or space for rent, but nearly everything else can be sold there.

Sellers need to have a Paypal account, which is easy to set up at www.paypal.com. Paypal is a secure Internet site for processing payments from buyers.

The good news is sellers don't pay anything for the ad until the item sells. Then they pay a small commission based on the sales price of the item. The commission is on a sliding scale. For items priced from $1 - $999 the price is 6% of the asking price not including any charge for shipping. For items priced from $1,000 to $4,999 the advertising fee is a flat $60 and for items over $5,000 the commission is a flat $125. For high priced items the system uses a different program to coordinate payments called Escrow.com. Escrow.com can handle complicated payment issues like lien payoffs.

Sellers using Paypal will also be charged a small fee for processing the payment - currently $.30 plus 2.9%. Paypal is the recognized gold standard for securely making payments online. But the beauty of Paypal is payment can be made using a computer or smart phone. So, in other words, you could close the sale anywhere - your store, your driveway or the local grocery store parking lot!

Click on the Echo Country banner anywhere on our website and it will take you to a new website where you can sign up sell products or shop for local offerings.

Sign up today and start selling immediately, and don't forget to upload a photo of the item you are selling!

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Bureau of Reclamation awards $1.7 million for hatchery pipeline repair
The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded $1.7 million contract to Belsaas and Smith Construction Company of Ellensburg to make repairs on a pipeline at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery.

Hatchery Complex Manager Dave Irving said they have looked at the entire underground pipeline, which brings water from the intake on Icicle Creek to the hatchery. Irving said they inspected the pipeline a few years ago and found portion of it in bad shape.

"We had it inspected again and there was some concern we would have to replace the whole pipeline. That is not the case here," Irving said. "There is a valve that needs to be replaced, down here close to the hatchery. It's just a small little part that we need to replace."

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Chelan Douglas Health District warns of Enterovirus risks
The Chelan Douglas Health District is sounding the alarm about Enterovirus D68, which may have infected a Chelan County 5-year old. There are over 100 kinds of enteroviruses, which mainly cause colds or other relatively mild diseases, said CDHD Public Information Officer Mary Small, but this one seems to cause severe problems for some children with respiratory problems like Asthma.

There are two confirmed cases of EV-D68 in the Northwest, one child from King County and one from Snohomish County. Small said there are several other patients at Children's Hospital in Seattle with respiratory infections which could be EV-D68.

"There are 15 or so identified as possible cases, but they could be something else. It's going through the testing process at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to see if they have this virus," Small said. "They are looking for this virus because of the outbreaks in other states."

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Stevens Pass Mountain Resort offering a free seasons pass to all fifth graders in the state
If your son or daughter is in fifth grade and likes skiing or snowboarding or wants to learn skiing and snowboarding, you just hit the jackpot. Stevens Pass, in partnership with west side car dealer Carter Subaru, is offering a free seasons pass to every fifth grader in the state.

Stevens Pass Marketing Director Chris Danforth said this is the second year of offering free skiing for the entire season. Two years ago, they offered free skiing to fifth graders just during February. That was very successful, Danforth said.

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Steven Pass officials brief council on Ski and Stay program
Heading into year three of the Ski and Stay program, Stevens Pass officials came to the Leavenworth City Council study session on Sept. 9 to update the council on the progress.

The Ski and Stay program began two years ago as the city partnered with Steven Pass to encourage skiing at the Pass and lodging in Leavenworth. Karl Kapuscinski, president and CEO of the company that runs the resort, they are very happy with the program and how it has gone, but there are still some obstacles.

"We've had an obstacle getting everybody on the same page, with all the different lodging properties. Sometimes its been a little confusing," Kapuscinski said.

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Leavenworth Mountain Association presents Summer Framed 2014 photo contest
The Leavenworth Mountain Association is using photo contests as a way to raise funds for the new non-profit organization, dedicated to highlighting the balance of action sports and the natural beauty of Leavenworth.

Thus far, LMA has hosted two successful fundraisers, Summer Framed 2013 last September and Winter Framed 2014 this past March. Summer Framed 2014 is planned for Sept. 20 at the Leavenworth Festhalle.

"Last year, we had about 250 people come out, which was really nice. For LMA, these are our big fundraisers of the year, winter and summer," said Matt Bowen, LMA Board member. "We've had a good response from photographers and the folks we've invited to come over and participate. And from the community, with a unique and fun way to showcase our area. It is also just a pretty fun event."

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